Distribution Horizon Nature, a family and independent company, based in Montreal, was founded  in 2003.  Horizon Nature distributes to supermarkets, as well as specialized stores and independent marketplaces, natural and organic products with an ever growing range of fresh, groceries, beverages, supplements and much much more.




Horizon Nature developed a concept aimed at bringing together a wide variety of quality products that carry the values of good health. Horizon Nature is the ideal partner for retailers,  thanks to its selection of quality products and level of service.


Feed the difference! Because healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits play a major role in determining your quality of life. 

Our core values:

  • Delivering a wide range of quality organic and natural products, while;
  • Ensuring a high quality of service, thus;
  • Providing a strong client service relationship


  • A selection of over 3000 fresh, dry , frozen and supplement products
  • More than 1000 clients including supermarkets, specialized and independent marketplaces
  • More than 130 producers
  • More than 100 employees passionate about healthy food
  • An above all, a custom-made service adapted to our clients:
    •  distribution
    •  representation and marketing
    • order taking
    • delivery up to twice/week