Impress – 1 billion probiotics, it’s impressive!


Each bottle contains cold pressed juice and water and more than one billion Bacilus coagulans, a probiotic that contributes to the health of the intestinal flora.

Comes in 3 delicious flavours :

  • Pinapple and mint
  • Raspberry and lime
  • Grapefruit and rosemary

“Our digestive tract is home to several hundred billion bacteria, 600 different species, which make up the intestinal flora.” By the secretion of enzymes, they facilitate digestion, but they also have a key role in the defense system. the body against external aggression.

This host of microorganisms is firmly anchored in the folds of our intestines. When all is well, that is to say when the flora is balanced, it leaves no chance for the bacteria that arrive by the food to settle and proliferate. In addition, it synthesizes substances capable of stimulating the entire immune system. The intestinal flora is therefore a guarantee of the proper functioning of the intestine and holds a privileged place in the maintenance of health.

But, if nothing can make it disappear, the intestinal flora can however be unbalanced by antibiotics, poor diet, stress, vaccines, immune deficiency or metabolic diseases. This imbalance of the intestinal ecosystem will then cause a disruption of tolerance to one or more foods, as well as the installation of digestive inflammation.

An unbalanced intestinal flora can have several consequences: local, for example bloating, flatulence, pain, transit irregularities. But the fallout can also take the form of symptoms in the skin, mucous membranes or joints. To these physical symptoms one can also add psychic symptoms.

By rebalancing intestinal flora simply and effectively, probiotics play an important role in maintaining health. ”
Source: excerpt – translated freely –  from