Les Cancaneuses

The first of their products, which has been developed over ten years ago, is the cane egg. A unique, delicious and extremely nourishing we have enhanced to offer gourmet Quebec product also healthy and perfectly reliable from the point of view of food safety that may be the chicken eggs.

In 2010, they believed that by selling their farm, which then was called “The Poultry Fines Richelieu” to a very large farm, the transaction would have the effect to propel their product to make it more accessible to the general public. But they made a mistake.

So they decided to relaunch the product under the brand of The Cancaneuses, a product of small-scale farm Duchant.

A study published in November 2009 by Yi-Chao Chen Hsi-Shan Chang, Cheng-Taung, Fu-Yuan Chang in the Australian journal of animal science, bioactive peptides produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of food protein contained in the duck eggs showed significant antioxidant activity against lipid peroxidation or fatty acids.

Nutritionally, duck eggs are considerably better than chicken eggs. They correspond to:

  • 60% of the needs of a human vitamin A compared to 16% for 2 chicken eggs;
  • 204% vitamin E with respect to 100% for chicken eggs;
  • 60% niacin, compared to 12% for chicken eggs;
  • 373.8% vitamin B12, compared to 60% for chicken eggs.

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