Horizon Nature is a leading food retailer of many different natural and organic brands, which is committed to better feed the Quebec province, a part of Ontario and the Maritimes.  To fully meet consumer expectations, Horizon Nature specializes in a large selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and GMO-free products.

Discover the wide variety of incredibly wholesome goodness offered by Horizon Nature!



A wide assortment of organic or natural chilled products. A delicious selection of products mainly from Quebec and also from import


A very wide range of local and imported groceries for a healthy and varied lifestyle that suits all tastes!


Varied, tasty, healthy and original ingredients and meals, including many vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and more.


Quality supplements to promote optimal health, as well as hygiene products, gentle for you, your family and the environment!

For the pleasure of eating organic, natural and healthy, here is a selection of our products!

Zenit – energy squares

Sanotti O’Sesame – the mighty vegan chocolate spread

Ooya – Organic carbonated stimulating infusion based on Guayusa

Festillant – the joy of alcohol-free aperitif

Vitality Snax – Ridiculously tasty, made with love!

Snack Conscious – energizing snacks

Markal – organic grocery products

Thé à boire – infusion based on Yerba Maté!

Keevo – 100% organic superfoods

Jardins Terra Terre – organic hot pepper sauces

Impossible – plant-based burger

Flirt – soda drinks

Ékorce – organic and local artisan kombucha

Cultured Coconut – organic fermented coconut milk

Boulangerie du Village – high quality breads

Bone Brewhouse – Instant Natural Chicken Broth

Better Bears – naturally sweetened gummy candies!

49th Parallel – 100% Exceptional Canadian coffee

Ferme Y. Lampron & Fils – top quality organic ground beef

Anokian Nature – Authentic Aboriginal Skin Care

Hero Ice Cream – ice cream high in protein

Violife Foods – creamy plant-based cheeses

Création Delicia – healthy alternatives to refined sugar, coffee or table salt

Aliments Alimexi – Organic tilla / organic tortillas

Plant-based chef – vegan burger mixes

Arta Bona – vegan blends with exotic flavors

Germline – multi-storey sprouter

Snack Simple – whole grain pancake mix

Olaola – frozen smoothie & smoothie kit

Noba pasta – certified vegan, kamut and spelt pasta

Les Savoureux – certified organic and keto spices

Cesares – fresh garlic, fresh ginger, shallots and roasted and peeled chestnuts

Yellofruit – banana-based non-dairy frozen dessert

Tempehine – organic tempeh

Sober Carpenter – alcohol-free micro beers

Simply 7 – vegan quinoa or lentil chips

Rawcology – organic granolas & coconut chips with superfoods

Pierre du Moulin inc. – artisanal flours on sylex stone grindstones

Be Sweet – certified vegan and organic plant-based honey

Beanitos – bean chips

Grandma’s for Bees – certified Products of Quebec honey drops, made with local honey

Nurture – 100% organic nut butters – local, sustainable, healthy

Le Pré Rieur – local & organic yellow pea products

Yum Nature – natural peanut, almond and cashew butters

Bio-K – innovative probiotic beverages

MicroGerme – 100% natural multi-purpose cleanser

LOOP – Ecological fruit and vegetable soaps

Heritage 77 – homemade juices made from orchard fruits

Ferme Y. Lampron & fils – organic milk and cream of great distinction – “OR” Lait’xcellent Bio

Délices Complices – allergen-free vegan desserts

Ange Gardien – allergen-free vegan desserts

Nutri-délice – organic wholesome AZIM tortillas

Arahova – organic hummus & tzatziki

Bleu Sauvage – pure wild blueberry products from Lac St-Jean

LeGrand – vegan butters, yogurts and cheese spreads

Racine (Les Aliments) – vegan, soy-free, gluten-free

Fous de l’Île – Kombucha, elixir, kefir

Merveilles d’abeilles – eco-friendly honey and beehive products

Tchaga – kombucha containing chaga


BIO-K – finest quality organic probiotics

K pour Katrine – decadent vegan cakes

Tournevent – organic lentils and peas

L’Ancêtre – 100% Canadian organic churned butters

Cascina Belvedere – organic rices for creamy risottos

La feuille verte – Kombuchanv

Y KOMBUCHA – made with real fruits

Tutti gourmet – gluten-free biscotti, crackers & keto delights

Abitémis – grand boreal clover honey

Gutsy – environmentally-friendly kombucha

Gay Lea – lactose-free coconut whipped cream, sour cream & cottage cheese

Maison d’herbes – 100% quebecois organic hemp heart and kombucha

Tournevent – unrefined organic oils

Madame Chèvre – Finest goat cheeses from Québec

La Fraisonnée – no added pectin spreads & jams

Charbonneau – certified organic bakery

Beyond Meat – plant-based meat without meat

The Frauxmagerie on Georgian Bay – 100% plant-based non-diary cheeses

KOO – high quality certified organic tofu

Lovely – Gummy bears and lollipops

Shockingly Healthy – healthy, tasty, gluten-free, kosher and certified vegan desserts

Piccola Cucina – Almond pie shells

Fourmi Bionique – granolas, muskas & cereal blends

Vegan Touch – vegan parmagold, gnocchi, sauces and ricotta

Mama Yo – vegan Mayonnaise style sauce without eggs or mustard

Gusta – vegan sausages, pâtés, creton and more

Biodélices – organic maple products

LOOP – Raw cold pressed fruits & vegetable juices, smoothies, sparkling kefir…and soaps!

Saveurs & Nature – decadent organic chocolates

Sunflower Kitchen – Hummus, pestos & soups

PUR Gum – aspartame-free gums & mints

Abénakis- tender young organic sprouts

Abénakis- a wide range of organic and eco-friendly products

Zengarry – organic cashew cheese

Hair wonder – certified organic & vitaminized hair products

Nature Highland – purest organic virgin oils

Maca Pro – maca supplement

Yves – Vegan prepared meals

Sunrise Soya Foods – soy desserts and products

Sunrise Soya Foods – tofu & soya products

Organic Traditions – optimum health supplements and powders

Le Myosotis – certified organic Honey

Nutriforce – great quality breads

Inewa – Alternative organic bakery – low-gluten breads (1% or less)

Délipomme – 100% natural organic fruit sauces & snacks

Amano – organic soya, tamari, teriyaki sauces & and misos

Ferme Eugénia – organic wheatgrass juice

Inuliflora – organic vegetable & fruit powders

Ecodoo – eco-friendly, biodegradable household cleaners

Bionature – eco-friendly cleaning products

Aroma Candles – Eco-friendly

Yoso – vegan yogurts, cheese spreads and dips

Woolwich Diary Inc. – goat & feta cheeses

Unisoya – organic tofu products

Soyarie – organic tofus & burgers

Sojami – organic non-GMO vegan soy spreads, cheeses, cream and tempeh

Olympic – 100% natural organic dairy products

Nutri-Oeuf – organic chicken eggs

Natur-a – organic soy beverages

Natrel – quality organic milk

Les Cancaneuses – extremely nourishing fresh duck eggs

L’Ancêtre – cheeses made from 100% Canadian milk

LA MOUTONNIÈRE – sheep’s milk, cheeses and yogurts

Horium – organic, GMO-free, tofu & soybeans products

Sweets From The Earth – vegan breads, cakes, brownies, muffins & cookies

Le P’tit Boulanger – Breads with ancestral grains

Lallemand – Instaferm organic bread yeast

Boulangerie Cannelle Bakery – gluten-free, GMO-free products

Inewa – Alternative organic bakery – solutions for special dietary needs

Attitude – quality dry shallots

Nature’s Artifact’s Inc. – salt lamps

Sunshine Farms – organic pickled vegetables

SS Frutas – plantain chips & panela sugar

Organic traditions – super foods rich in nutrients

Priméal – organic pastas, rices, cereals and grocery products

Pilaros – green and black olives

Le Pain des Fleurs – organic crispbreads and crackers

Ma Vie Sans Gluten – Grocery products

Le Versant Rouge – organic sugar-free fruit spreads

Kii Naturals – organic artisan crisps

City Snacks – healthy freeze-dried fruits snacks

Chocadel – organic raw chocolate

Bisson – organic fair-trade cookies

Massawippi – organic unpasterized miso & tamari

Yves veggie cuisine – Vegetarian and vegan prepared meals

Tapp Products – organic sauerkrauts & kimchi

Pinehedge Farms – organic kefir, yogurt & sour cream

LeGrand – pestos, soups, chimichurri and more!

Porat (Natural Foods) – local vegan pâtés, burgers and spreads

SOBA – organic gluten-free buckwheat galettes

Paradis végétarien – vegan meat & protein

Gardein – vegan ready-to-eat – deliciously meat-free

Huck’s – 100% natural & fresh apple juice

Tradition – Natural Fruits Juices

Saint-Justin – Natural Mineral Water

Rise – Kombucha

Atigh’s – organic hibiscus flower beverage

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