A benevolent weapon to strengthen your immunity.
There are kefir based on milk, therefore of animal origin and kefir based on fruit juice, therefore vegan.

Pinehedge makes kefir from organic milk, made only from pure cultures and non-homogenized organic milk and does not contain solid powdered milk, artificial flavors, sweeteners, pectin, or any other additives.

Bulles de Kéfir is a kefir made from organic fruit juice, vegan, gluten-free, theine-free, unpasteurized, no colorings, no preservatives and low in calories.

Why can drinking milk as an adult be a problem? Because lactase, the enzyme that allows us to digest lactose (the main carbohydrate in milk), naturally decreases from the age of 4 or 5 years.

About 10,000 years ago, a genetic mutation began to spread among populations; the adult human continued to produce lactase and was therefore able to continue drinking milk. Today, 95% of the western population has this genetic mutation. Conversely, almost 90% of the Asian population does not. Nowadays, people who no longer produce enough enough lactase are said to be “lactose intolerant” and suffer from stomach aches, flatulence or even diarrhea and vomiting if they drink milk. If you digest milk well, so much the better.

Kefir is a “pre-digested” product!

The mutation allowing to drink milk at adulthood is concomitant with the domestication, in the West and in the Middle East, of animals like the cow, the sheep, the goat: our ancestors began, in the Neolithic era, to consume the milk from these animals.

At the same time, man found a technique for drinking animal milk … even if he did not digest lactose. This invention is the transformation of milk into cheese or kefir, under the action of enzymes, bacteria.

The principle of this transformation is extremely simple; it consists in “pre-digesting” the lactose in milk. Originally, this transformation used the enzymes naturally present in the viscera of the calf or lamb. The stomachs of young ruminants indeed contain rennet, a natural coagulant that separates whey (liquid and lean) from curd (solid and fat), which will serve as the basis for cheese. In other words, the creation of cheese was based on the imitation of the digestion of the young ruminant, thanks to this “rennet”.

The principle of kefir is the same – predigest lactose – but is based on a slightly different mechanism. The preparation of the drink called kefir is based on “kefir grains”. These grains are not vegetable in nature. These are amalgams of bacteria and yeasts living in symbiosis, which take the form of microscopic cauliflowers. These are living organisms that will reproduce in fresh, raw milk from any animal. After 24 hours, the development of kefir makes the milk thicker and more acidic. This process is 100% natural.

We can immediately see the advantages, since it allows:
– to consume milk without suffering from lactose – lactose is “digested” by kefir grains;
– to be able to keep it longer;
– to obtain a creamy and delicious product.

Whether you drink kefir from milk or fruit juice; drinking kefir has health benefits

The importance of kefir for the health of the intestinal flora deserves to be known to the general public. This flora called “intestinal microbiota” represents tens of thousands of billions of bacteria that live in our digestive system. The role of these bacteria is crucial not only for the cleaning and maintenance of our belly, but also for our general balance, including in our eating behaviors. One of the most effective and easy ways to grow the “good” bacteria – the ones that will boost our immunity and protect us – is by using probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms that have a beneficial effect in humans. They include bacteria and non-pathogenic yeasts which modulate the bacterial proliferation of the intestine.

Cheers…. to a healthy microbiota!