Are you intolerant to gluten?


Inéwa bakery has innovative solutions !!

Gluten is a mixture of proteins, mainly prolamins and glutenins, which are used to rise bread.

But only a fraction of prolamins is allergenic in some people. The glutenin fraction is a good source of protein. Like cholesterol, there is a “good” and a “bad” gluten.

In order to find an alternative to gluten-free for gluten intolerant customers, Inéwa has undertaken a joint research project with the prestigious Cintech laboratory and subsidized by the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture. As part of this project, Inéwa made two interesting discoveries:

  1. Khorasan wheat (also called Kamut) contains much less bad gluten (prolamins) than modern wheat.
  2. By combining these two factors, Inéwa has developed a fermentation protocol that reduces by at least a factor of 16 the bad gluten content of a whole grain bread, resulting in less than 1% gluten (<10,000ppm). Six products are based on this protocol and thus offer a tasty compromise to gluten-free bread for people suffering from intolerance but not diagnosed with celiac disease. Here they are :
  • Kamut hamburger bread
  • Prebiotic
  • Buckwheat-chia
  • Full Kkmut
  • Kamut brioche
  • Kamut raisins

The digestive enzymes of sourdough degrade proteins of gluten.

You are celiac and must avoid gluten at all costs?
Inéwa also thought of you with its quinoa bread!
Gluten-free bread (<20ppm), tastier than traditional gluten-free bread.  In addition, this bread is organic and a source of fiber, which is uncommon for gluten-free bread.