VitalCâlin by Massawippi – vitalizing and alkalizing…


VitalCâlin is a fermented organic rice culture with a slightly sweet taste and no added sugar. After a fermentation of more than 50 hours, the koji thus obtained (fermented rice) is dried, at low temperature, then ground to make a flour rich in enzymes and probiotics.

Finally a biological enzyme culture of integrity! VitalCâlin adds to everything you eat to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Also, VitalCâlin can be used as a ferment in the preparation of vegan yogurt and cheese.

VitalCâlin vitalizes and alkalizes the foods to which it is added, which helps to reduce the body’s acidity, while improving digestion and nutrient absorption.

Easy to use : just sprinkle VitalCâlin directly on breakfast cereals, soy beverages, rice, almonds, desserts, dairy products, salads, etc.

Composition:  Organic rice, Aspergillus oryzae. Can be stored for 1 year at room temperature or 2 years in the refrigerator.

Some recipes and ideas for use

Revitalize and alkalize rice, soy, or other milk:  Mix 1 tbsp. VitalCâlin in one liter of milk; let stand at room temperature for 1 hour before refrigerating.

Revitalize and alkalize breakfast cereals and desserts:  In a bowl, sprinkle 1 tbsp. VitalCâlin on cereals or dessert or add vitalized milk.

Vegan cheese
Soak 2 cups cashews for at least 2 hours. Drain the nuts. Pour into a blender. Add ½ to 2/3 cup of water and 2 tbsp. of VitalCâlin. Mix until smooth.
Place in a dish and cover. Put in the oven, light on or in a yogurt maker and ferment for 12 to 24 hours. It is consumed “nature” but, according to tastes, it is possible to add olives, dried tomatoes, pesto or other aromatics. Can be kept about 1 month in the fridge.
Suggested seasoning:
2 tbsp. onion powder
1 tbsp garlic powder
3 tbsp red star yeast
Chili, pepper, paprika, miso or salt to taste

Living cereal cream from the Abenakis Mill:  In a saucepan, mix 1 cup cold water with 8 tbsp cream of cereal; cook until thickened; let cool. Add ¼ cup of VitalCâlin.  Let ferment as for yogurt. Mix in a blender for a creamier texture. Store in the refrigerator for a maximum of 1 month.

To make 1 liter of milk:  In a blender, pour 3 cups of cold water; add 1 cup of live cereal yogurt. Mix well. Flavor with vanilla, ginger, almond butter, essential oils, etc.

Established at the end of 1999, Massawippi Foods is an artisanal workshop that produces miso and miso-damari (organic miso tamari), unpasteurized and long-fermented.

Working in the field of natural products, specifically in the field of nutraceuticals, prebiotics and probiotics, they produce biological products with high nutritional value, rich in enzymes and lactobacilli. These are living foods whose very high level of enzymatic activity makes it possible, among other things, to improve assimilation and digestion processes. Their mission is to design, develop and produce live organic food whose function is to maintain, improve health and reduce, in particular, the incidence of problems related to food intolerances.

The company is focused on health, aiming for continued innovation for the community.