Porat (Natural Foods) – local vegan pâtés, burgers and spreads

Porat, Vegetarian Delights is first and foremost, a family culinary adventure. Christa and Shaul Porat founded the company in 1984. It all started in the kitchen of their apartment in Montreal with the production of vegetable pies. Over time, the trade has grown a lot. Christa and Shaul moved their activities to a beautiful kitchen in Saint-Joseph-Du-Lac. Quebec. In 2009, their children Sara, Aviram and Ramya, took over and true to their origins, it is with passion that they continue to make delicious Porat products.

They aim to offer quality alternatives. For Porat, their main contribution rhymes with a fairer world, respect of animals and the environment. First vegetarians, it is with pride that their products are since 100% vegan.

Enjoy their cajourella, veggie pâté, veggie greaves, veggie burgers, pesto and spreads.  You will discover great versatile products that marry great texture with fabulous taste.