Boulangerie Cannelle Bakery – gluten-free, GMO-free products

Cannelle bakery, once Maison Cannelle, was founded in 2005 by Elizabeth Smith, who wanted to offer gluten-free and GMO-free products to welcome those like her who suffered from celiac disease. Since then, Cannelle has offered the best products in terms of taste, texture and choice of ingredients, in a quest for the best experience.

At the time, Cannelle was one of the few companies to offer such products. Fifteen years later, the market has changed dramatically. Today, nearly one in four people have chosen to reduce their gluten intake in order to achieve better digestive comfort. Cannelle now wants to make its products more accessible, by promoting discovery and sharing. Creating gluten-free, yes, but also to showcase the variety of tasty options available to us when making various choices. Cannelle offers a range of products that meet the needs and desires of the modern consumer.

Gluten-free, GMO-free and preservative-free, baked goods bursting with flavor!