Boulangerie du Village – high quality breads

Born in Saint-Séverin-de-Proulxville, Georges Déry worked at the local bakery before pursuing his profession for 17 years in the Magdalen Islands. When he returned to the region in 1980, he spent a year on his farm in Saint-Tite, before opening the following year his own bakery, Le P’tit Boulanger G.D. inc. in Lac-à-la-Tortue.

In 1998, Mr. Déry bought an organic bread bakery to repatriate operations. Five years later, he got his hands on the La Fournée bakery located on Boulevard des Hêtres, in Shawinigan. In 2004, he bought a Quebec bakery and brought his production to Shawinigan. Four years later, he did it again in the same direction by purchasing the NutriForce bakery in Longueuil.

It was in this year that Mr. Déry gradually began selling the business to his two children, Marlène and Marco Déry. But the 74-year-old grandfather is still active in business.

The company manufactures organic products, traditional breads, pastries and gluten-free breads, which are sold under several trademarks, namely Le P’tit Boulanger, Boulangerie du Village and Nutriforce.