Inuliflora – organic vegetable & fruit powders

For more than 25 years”La Ferme Robert Desmarais” has been developing its own organic production methods, mechanized harvesting and dehydration toward the creation of vegetable powder.

Growing over fifty acres of Jerusalem artichokes on their farm in Acton Vale; this is the largest production of this vegetable in Quebec. Over the past 15 years and aside from Jerusalem artichokes, they have specialized in harvesting other root vegetables such as carrots, beets, onions, turnips, parsnips and yams as well as fruit, such as apples.

Dehydrating vegetables upon harvesting make them organic superfoods; which enhance their many health benefits and taste. These high-quality products can substitute sugars and thickening agents in all your recipes, breakfast cereals, soups, broths, beverages, smoothies, cakes and more.