Korzen – Artisan Organic Kombucha and Koffucha

Located in Saint-Tite-des-Caps, the Bio Ferme des Caps cultivates according to the principles of permaculture, which promotes beneficial interactions between the different plants that grow there. The farm has a magnificent orchard where it grows many fruits used in the composition of fermented products, including sea buckthorn, saskatoons, apples, elderberries, aronias – for kombuchas/koffuchas.

La Bio Ferme des Caps has been producing kombucha since 2013. This makes it a pioneer in the making of this drink with a thousand virtues.

Their artisanal organic Kombucha and Koffucha from the Korzen brand are prepared with care, directly on the Bio Ferme des Caps with a concern for quality and respect for nature!

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea; Korzen kombucha is theine-free.

Koffucha Korzen, unique in Quebec, takes advantage of dandelion root, well known for its many virtues. It is a healthy substitute for coffee, while providing its benefits to the digestive and immune systems. The koffuchas are theine-free!