Ferme Y. Lampron & fils – organic milk of great distinction – “OR” Lait’xcellent Bio

Led by a passionate team and on ancestral family land for seven generations, the Lampron family has been producing milk since 1858. The farm has taken an organic turn and has been certified since 2001. The continuity of the farm is possible thanks to each working generation. to respect the environment, to implement emerging methods providing the most animal welfare and to innovate.

Saint-Boniface, March 11, 2021 – A pledge of high quality, Ferme Y. Lampron & fils, which has been marketing its milk in reusable glass bottles for a year and a half, has won the prestigious competition; “OR” Lait’xcellent Bio certificate for the excellent quality of their organic milk.

The company ranks first in terms of milk quality for all organic dairy farms in Quebec (126 farms). Milk analyzes are done at each collection of milk on the farm (183 times a year). Classification is done by calculating bacteria in milk and somatic cell count.

“The quality of our milk is of utmost importance to us. In recent years, we have significantly improved the environment for animals to improve their well-being. In addition to making the cows happy, we have managed to improve our milk quality. A healthy cow in a clean environment produces high quality milk. »Declares Gabriel Lampron, co-owner of Ferme Y. Lampron & fils.

Ferme Y. Lampron & fils managed to earn this honor even with a number of cows higher than the average for organic farms, which is all the more surprising. Sand bedding, grazing and thoroughness of those who work with the animals are the main reasons for their success.

Its unique taste will charm you for sure!