Loop – Cold-pressed fruits & vegetables juices, smoothies, sparkling kefir…..and soaps!

Nobody likes to be rejected, not even food. LOOP repurposes the outcasts of the food industry by transforming perfectly imperfect fruits and vegetables into mind-blowing cold-pressed juices. That’s right, this beverage is more than a unique and exquisite blend of truly good stuff; it’s a solution to food waste.  Go ahead, taste their smoothies!

Fruit & vegetable ecological soaps!

LOOP’s ecological soaps come in several delicious scents that it would almost be tempting to taste (secretly in the shower), including; lemon/honey,  orange/turmeric, cucumber/lime, grapefruit/ginger, pineapple/activated charcoal.

LOOP Mission is a finalist for the 2020 CTAQ INNOVATION IN FOOD AWARDS!