Merveilles d’abeilles – eco-friendly honey and beehive products

Merveilles d’abeilles is a family beekeeping farm that raises bees and harvests high quality bee products. Established in Saint-Didace in Quebec, Canada, their apiaries are located in the regions of Mauritius and Lanaudière, more precisely in the MRCs of Maskinongé and Autray. It is on this territory that the family practices a traditional beekeeping, sedentary and respectful of the environment with approved methods for artisanal beekeeping.

Their honey is uncapped by hand and extracted cold. Liquefied at low temperature, it is unpasteurized. It is unfiltered, thus containing more pollen, propolis and beeswax, therefore retaining its natural taste, like the honeycomb. Their raw honey is also unfiltered and naturally crystallized. Creamy style, never mechanically churned.

Their fresh frozen pollen is neither dried nor dehydrated, thus preserving the maximum of its therapeutic properties, lactic ferments, bacteria, antioxidants, enzymes, living yeasts and its sensational floral flavor.

These passionate beekeepers share their wonders with you, while taking care of the bees!