Rise & Rise botanicals – Kombucha & colas

“Everyone thinks that his own mother is special, but there is a reason why RISE is the mother of all kombuchas. Although she leads an orderly life in Montreal, where she grew up, the mother was born in the south Pacific. When globetrotters Mathieu Gallant and David Côté crossed paths by chance at thousands of kilometers from home on the beaches of Hawaii, their friendship has grown at the same pace as their passion for live food and beverages from the islands. So an idea quickly germinated in their heads and guys went from “aloha” to “allo” literally bringing their business plan in their luggage.

While the mother acclimatize the Northeast weather, Gallant and Côté met Simon Bertrand, the current president of RISE. The three friends have mounted an all-star team of business people, brewers and scientists with the goal of creating a local kombucha, that’s organic, fair trade and vegan. The cobbled streets of maples are now a hundred miles of palm-strewn beaches, which makes the story of their mother is so unique. They are proud to share this ecological and socially responsible beverage with you. See each bottle of RISE as a single flower necklace mid-Hawaiian, half-lily.”

The kombucha mushroom? 

In fact, the term fungus is inaccurate, kombucha is not a living individual, but a symbiotic together a community of living beings, each satisfying the mutual needs of their association. It is a colony of yeasts (Saccharomyces) of acetic beneficial bacteria (bacteria predominate: a Acetobacter) and false yeasts (Mycoderma vini). This symbiosis takes place within a “pancake” pure cellulose created by certain bacteria, also called “mushroom”, “ferment” or “disc”. This “mushroom” is comming from lactofermentation a sugar and tea base giving it a source of mineral salts, of which it will “feed”.

RISE is a biological one drink prepared by hand until the very last stage. Their kombucha is bottled in Montreal ensuring a perfect temperature balance, effervescence and flavors.