Silk – Plant-based beverages and cheeses : dairy-free goodness

Silk® is definitely not your average plant-based beverage, as they might have stumbled upon the recipe for liquid gold. So take a moment to appreciate its creamy, velvety texture. And let’s not forget, all the good it does for our planet.

Do you ever wonder what makes their products so incredibly luscious? In a nutshell, they trust the natural deliciousness of plants to bring you the mouth-watering richness you’ve always dreamt of.  Besides, their products are all Non-GMO certified, for the good of people and the environment. Whether you drink Silk® plant-based beverages straight from the carton, incorporate them into recipes or blend them into your favourite beverage, a world of endless possibilities awaits.  They also produce non-dairy cheeses.

Almond, cashew, coconut, soy, oat…now close your eyes, and sip away!