Sojami – organic non-GMO vegan soy spreads, cheeses, cream and tempeh

Jean-James Garreau, doctor of biology, founder and current director of Sojami, had the innovative idea of producing a “cheese” using organic soy milk, while watching his parents producing goat milk on their French countryside’s land.

Specialized in soybeans” lactofermentation since 1997, Sojami produces a complete range of tasty dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan spreads from organic GMO-free soy, cultivated in the Southwest of France.

Soybeans’ lactofermentation is a unique and patented process using the finest technologies from the dairy industry. During lactofermentation, bacteria convert sugars into lactic acid, producing richer and “more alive” food. Rich in omega-3 and protein, the enzymes produced help preserve food longer, while facilitating digestion.