Tradition – natural fruit juices

In 1952 Paul Jodoin, the son of a family of growers in Rougemont settled on an orchard in Saint-Damase, an orchard which still belongs to the company today.

To date, the company Vergers Paul Jodoin is the property of the three Jodoin brothers who are shareholders. Today the company has over 600 acres of land, a large cold storage and controlled atmosphere, a wrapping station with conditioner and ultra modern electronic controller, a plant for apple juice processing and other products. The company employs sixty people full-time and one hundred peak period in September.

To begin, all apples are picked by hand to give you the juiciest and best apples. All apples are then washed and brushed. Only the most delicious apples are specially selected and sent to the pressing stage. After pressing only once, the juice is pasteurized and shortly maintained in an aseptic tank ready for bottling. Once all the recipes are ready, we proceed to the bottling stage.

Tradition, authenticity matters.