Nutri-délice – organic wholesome AZIM tortillas

Nutri-Délice is a bakery that specializes in the production of organic AZIM tortillas.

The making of AZIM tortillas follows very strict rules to prevent the fermentation of the dough; between mixing the flour, water and salt, no more than eighteen minutes must pass, so to prevent leaven to rise.

Like many breads, AZIM bread is made only from flour, water and salt: it contains absolutely no fat. Its flour being integral, there are several nutrified elements in it, in addition to increasing its satiating power compared to white bread for example, of the baguette type.

Versatile, exotic and tasty, AZIM tortillas from Nutri-Délice can be integrated into all your meals.
Stone-ground, organic, without any preservatives.

A healthy and excellent choice!