La Fourmi – quality granolas & cereal blends

Each of  La Fourmi (formely La Fourmi Bionique) cereal mixes tells a local story; creating original and tasty cereal blends, while promoting natural, organic and fair trade ingredients from local producers.

Authentic – Handcrafted – Balanced!

This story is first of all that of Geneviève Gagnon, with whom it all began in 2002. Native of Montreal, Quebec, her passion for exceptional local products and her contribution to the Slow Food movement, have led her many times to meet producers, artisans and farmers. The years go by and the granolas reveal their secrets to Geneviève; her creations exalt an exquisite harmony, people discover the products, taste them and adopt them. Faced with growing demand, Geneviève rolls up her sleeves and works hard to make her dream grow. Her hard and rigorous work will quickly be rewarded over the years with several prestigious awards in entrepreneurship.

Taste the healthy and delicious blends of granolas, fruits, nuts, chocolates and more …!