Gutsy – environmentally-friendly kombucha

Gutsy Kombucha‘s mission is to create and produce the best organic fermented drinks, with the aim of improving digestive health, the immune system and increasing people’s vital energy to enable them to live a healthy, active and accomplished life.  Its goal is to offer a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks and therefore reduce obesity and related health problems.

Gutsy is the only kombucha brand to incorporate the power of plants and their multiple virtues into the brewing of their kombucha. The company also sets itself apart by actively participating in the sustainable development and zero waste movement by offering its products on tap with filling stations, in zero waste grocery stores, organic grocery stores, conventional grocery stores, bars and restaurants. It also offers delicious flavors in 355ml cans.

Gutsy donates 1% of its can sales to charities that have a real impact on the environment. The first organization it supports is “Mission 100 Tonnes”, which goal is to clean waterways in Quebec and around the world.