Bulles de Kéfir Bubbles – fermented beverage

Kefir is a drink from the fermentation of milk or fruit juice. It is consumed all over the world. It was on the arid mountains of the Caucasus that kefir, the “champagne of the Caucasus”, was born. Its millennial origin is lost in the mists of time.

The fruit kefir is considered a miraculous and beneficial beverage. Kefir Bubbles is organic, vegan, gluten-free, without theine, unpasteurized, without dyes, without preservatives and low in calories.

Kefir regulates the microbiota and improves the general state of health, so it contributes directly to optimal health. It would be used to prevent different diseases by strengthening the immune system.
Easily digested, the fruit kefir provides probiotics necessary for the intestinal flora, as well as vitamins, folic acid, minerals and trace elements. It improves the digestive system and the intestinal transit as well as the functions of the liver.

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