LA MOUTONNIÈRE – sheep’s milk, cheeses and yogurts

Fromagerie La Moutonnière contributes to an agri-food model that reconciles prosperity, healthy food and sustainable development.With handcrafted products of great taste and quality, La Moutonnière develops new products drawing on the know-how and expertise of several generations.

Whether plain or flavored, products made from sheep’s milk are much better tolerated by the digestive track system. This type of yogurt could represent a useful alternative to products made from cow’s milk, to which more and more consumers are intolerant or allergic (8% of food allergies).

If the lactose content of sheep’s milk is equivalent (or even higher) to that of cow’s milk, the proteins of sheep’s milk are very different from those of cow’s milk (absence, in particular, of beta-lactoglobulin, one of the most allergenic proteins in cow’s milk) and apparently easier to digest. Among their delicious range of products, La Moutonnière also offers bulk sheep feta and sheep’s milk.