Les Cancaneuses – extremely nourishing fresh duck eggs

The first of the products of Les Cancaneuses – of la Ferme artisanale Duchant, developed more than ten years ago, is the duck egg. They have perfected it in such a way as to offer gourmets in Quebec a unique, delicious and extremely nourishing product, perfectly healthy and as reliable, from the point of view of food safety as chicken eggs can be.

The bioactive peptides produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of food proteins contained in duck eggs have shown significant antioxidant activities against the peroxidation of lipids or fatty acids.

From a nutritional point of view, duck eggs are considerably superior to chicken eggs. They correspond to:

  • 60% of a human’s need for vitamin A, compared to 16% for two chicken eggs;
  • 204% vitamin E compared to 100% for chicken eggs;
  • 60% niacin, compared to 12% for chicken eggs;
  • 373.8% in vitamins B12, compared to 60% for chicken eggs.