LeGrand – pestos, soups, chimichurri and more!

“LeGrand” power of plants!

Founded in 1997, LeGrand – a Quebec company, aim to transform consumer diets so that North Americans’ plates are made up of + 50% plants!

From a careful selection of whole, high-quality ingredients, they concoct unique and organic pestos, chilis and non-dairy cheeses and yogurts and soups for all food lovers who appreciate their true taste and value the impressive list of health benefits of their products.

Their factory was designed especially for them by food specialists, in order to pursue their vision of humbly being your “Craftsmen of the 3rd millennium”.

Their packaging is reusable and recyclable. They have studied the life cycle of their bags and containers, so that their impact on the environment is less damaging than the glass jar it replaces. Their bags are thus 17 times lighter.