Le Myosotis – certified organic Honey

Le Myosotis was born in 1997 in the beautiful Kamouraska region, producing superior quality honey with an incomparable taste, that of forget-me-not flowers (Myosotis in French), from which it takes its name.

It was with the takeover of the business from a beekeeper from Notre-Dame du Lac that the adventure of Miellerie Le Myosotis began. Marie-Claude Faucher carefully learned from her mentor, Gérard Rioux. Determined and passionate, she approached the bees, distinguishing them, calling them “her daughters”. The avenue of making organic honey immediately took hold. In keeping with her values of respect for life and the environment, Marie-Claude is fully committed to this adventure. Through her knowledge and skills, she took part in consultations to develop the specifications for the certification of organic honey for “Québec Vrai”. Its honey has been certified by this organization since 2002 and previously by OCIA Quebec.

Women beekeepers are few in number in Quebec and it is a source of pride for her to be part of it. As well as being one of the (women) producers of certified organic honey.

Le Myosotis is now taking root in Sherbrooke. Native of the region, it is a homecoming for Marie-Claude.
The precious nectar is collected by the bees and brought back to the site to be conditioned.
With enthusiasm, Suzanne Rondeau joined Marie-Claude’s adventure. Together, they share the mission of raising awareness about the importance of bees and the discovery of a delicacy called Le Myosotis; which name is a guarantee of quality!

Available in sizes of 260g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg and 15kg.