Olympic – 100% natural organic dairy products

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Olympic products are entirely free of gelatin, man-made preservatives, chemicals and fillings. The special way they craft their yogurt means they’re able to carry out a premium quality control. Each serving is individually incubated according to a process that consistently results in a creamy texture and exceptional flavour.

Social responsibility and concern for the environment are hardly new concepts at Olympic. Proudly made in British Columbia, their products are formulated with the milk from dairy farms located within a 60 km radius of the plant. They prefer to encourage local suppliers, invest in Canadians’ well-being, and get involved in numerous community projects that share their values.

Their Balkan-style yogurt is distinguished by its firm and creamy texture. Have it plain in the morning, with fruit or chia seeds, for a health break, or as a thoroughly delicious evening snack, while all their products are made from 100% natural ingredients, they add a little something extra; passion and pride!