Pierre du Moulin inc. – artisanal flours on sylex stone grindstones

The “Séminaire de Québec”, owner of the “seigneury of Beaupré”, of which the Baie-Saint-Paul region was a part, had this ordinary mill erected and began its activities in 1827.

In 2016, “Héritage Charlevoix” joined forces, through its current president F. Colin Cabot, with investors grouped around the “Pierre du Moulin2 company to ensure regional agrifood development at the cutting edge of technology.

Combining heritage, sylex stones and modernity, this mill is unique in its kind. Several types of organic flours are produced there; including the REMY family of organic flours, namely cream wheat, bise wheat, complete “Rudy”, bise spelt, cream spelt, dark rye, dark buckwheat, khorasanj wheatmeal and fine wheat bran.


Nutritional aspect

Grinding on stone grindstones preserves the germ and the aleurone layer, the parts richest in nutrients (vitamins E and group B, minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron, unsaturated fatty acids, etc.), on all the flours.

Ideal application

Flours on Suire stone grindstones are recognized for their superior fermentation power.

Natural sourdough breads : millstone flours are ideal for making bread with character, with a long fermentation, a slightly sour taste and a more assertive crust, better digestibility and mineral assimilation.