Priméal – organic pastas, rices, cereals and grocery products

Since its beginnings in 1989, Priméal has stood out for its ability to offer healthy and tasty products, while being able to rally consumers to the importance of consuming organic products, from a health-conscious, bio-diversity standpoint.

From the simplest to the most elaborate product, there is always a distinctive “plus” in Priméal organic products:

  • an original ingredient, selected for its nutritional benefits;
  • the inventiveness of a cereal mixture combined with legumes;
  • to allow as many people as possible to eat organic products; respectful of the planet sustainability!

Priméal offers, to this day, more than 250 grocery organic products that convey quality, versatility and easy-to-prepare solutions!  Priméal, a pioneer of quinoa, has kept its soul of discoverer with wholesome ingredients toward creative organic cuisine!