Sprouting – About Abenakis Tender Sprouts


A superfood that can boost your immune system.

Sprouting  is a germinating seeds process.  In order to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination, excellent ventilation, plenty of light and rigorous rinsing is adamant to an optimal germination process. When sprouts are at a mature stage, they are packed with nutrients and vitamins and represent a tremendous added-value to a healthy lifestyle.

The health benefits of sprouting :
Ideally eaten raw, sprouts concentrate many nutrients and minerals fibers, proteins, enzymes, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, vitamins K, C and A.
Due to their high fiber content, sprouts increase and prolong satiety therefor a better control over your weight.
The starch contained in the sprout, which is transformed into simple sugars,  facilitate digestion.

About Abenakis Tender Sprouts :

Abenakis sprouts grow in a controlled and safe environment surrounded by humidity, enough light and perfect temperature. They are organics and they do not contain any pesticides or chemical agents.
To choose Abenakis sprouts it’s offering your body the best organic food, fresh, alive and healthy!
Taste the delicious range of organic sprouts; alfalfa, lentils, broccoli, leeks, purple radish and daikon, mustard … which comes in 80g to 1 kg.
We also offer seeds to germinate and hotbeds for those who want to practice sprouting at home.